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Standard Male Manikin

The SIMBODIES Standard Male Manikins are life-like patient simulators, often used by educators and clinicians for medical training purposes.



  • Splashproof & washable skin
  • Lifelike look & feel with flexible limbs
  • Partially open eyes capable of manual eyelid movement
  • Human hair wig plus body hair (genitals)
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Handmade to order

SIMBODIES Standard Male Manikin

  • The function of the SIMBODIES Standard Male Manikin is to replicate the look and appearance of the human body; produced using skin safe Prosthetic Grade Platinum Silicone, our Manikins are able to feature medical capabilities using the replication of veins, jaws and teeth for added accuracy. They have the feel and appearance of genuine human skin, colouring, hair and eyes, all of which enable the student or trainee to experience a truly immersive experience.

    • Able to bleed at different/multiple sites *
    • Application of a tourniquet
    • Wound Packing with Direct & Indirect pressure application *
    • Junctional bleeding *
    • Application of spinal collar
    • Application of Manual Inline Stabilisation
    • Unstable pelvis *
    • Application of various dressings
    • Application of pelvic binder
    • Application of traction device
    • Intravenous Cannulation *
    • Application of AED/Defibrillator pads
    • Ability to move patient
    • Ability to undress patient
    • Patient bed bath

    * Available with bespoke options only.

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