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aero medical evacuation

Aero Medical Evacuation 

Emergency Medical Management


Our Mission is to achieve

Safety, Security and a Peace of Mind for our valued Clients”


We pride ourselves in providing professional and effective services that will not only enhance emergency operational responsiveness but resilience of organizations.

Our team and partners consist of Medical Professionals, Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics. Therefore a holistic approach is adopted when we serve our clients both in Singapore and regionally.


We provide


1) Medical Support for VIP Events and High Risk Activities


2) Transfers from Hospitals and Medical Transport to Hospices and other medical facilities


3) Ground and Air Evacuation Regionally. Door to Door Transfers


4) Overseas Emergency Medical Standby 


Key to success is in providing our valued clients 24/7 services with seamless on call consultation and in an emergency have the ability to mount responsive evacuations to safeguard lives and assets.


Our evacuations are carried out via private jets and commercial planes fitted for medical and other forms of evacuations. Clients can be assured that our team would provide door to door service.


Arrangements can be made for medical escorts or transport for both ambulatory and critically ill patients where they would be referred to doctors of their choice. Our registry of doctors are well qualified and on request we would provide our clients with a comprehensive database of specialists doctors that we work with.





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