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  • How often do we conduct our classes?
    We have classes running on weekly basis and we do onsite training at the client's preferred date. Please contact our customer service for more details.
  • Where will the training be conducted?
    Training will be conducted at our training centre (s) and we also cater to training at the client's venue.
  • What are the usual registration process for the courses?
    You can simply email to to get a link to register. Call us at 64624043 if you have any questions.
  • Are you able to customize courses to our Field and Industry requirements?
    Yes, however we follow strictly to the relevant course plans from local councils. Our experienced staff will design a training session(s) according to your requirements.
  • If I am doing a renewal, can we register through your organization?
    Yes, you can write to and a registration for renewal will be sent to you. You can select the dates from the link.
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