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ARIS Integrated Medical is a medical company that integrates training, services and products that are relevant to our valued clients who are challenged constantly by uncertainties that may hamper business continuity such as disasters and emergencies.

These could range from pandemics to cardiac arrests; hence it is vital that we are involved in overcoming such adversities with our clients.

Aris Integrated Medical has provided emergency medical consultation and training to MNC’s, Major Hotels and Facility Management Companies where emergency medical response in crisis is vital in loss prevention and business continuity. This is essential in ensuring that the all personnel, be they clients or associates are well protected and managed in these incidents. Services include drills with tabletop exercises, implementation of plans and evacuations. In depth studies on risk assessment and counter measures developed are constantly instituted in our up-to-date training methods.

Government agencies have also engaged ARIS Integrated Medical in the provision of Tactical and Operational Medical Support to further enhance operational capabilities.



Professionalism in our Services delievered


Responsibility to our Clients


Integrity in Business


Dilligence in our daily Work

Excellence in  our Standards


Dr. David cHEW

Managing Director 

Our humble beginnings herald from the need as a nation and community to be strong and resilient in the face of adversity. The duty of care for those we protect and serve is deeply embedded in our philosophy. It is our responsibility to spread the message on the importance of the ability to adapt and thrive in uncertainties.

We, as an organization have been involved in responding to emergencies and crisis in all sectors from government to public sectors. Understanding and meeting the demands of our valued clients are critical functions. We have extended our hands to those who have come to seek our assistance. We have the honour to be able to provide our services that ranges from realistic and relevant training programs, evacuation operations to effective rescue and medical products management. The integration of our services and products has made us special . We have adopted a holistic approach to the numerous challenges our clients meet. Seeking solutions for them is paramount in our constant search for excellence

Partnerships with our Strategic Allies and Clients have been instrumental in our growth and we have journeyed with them in different stages of our relationships. We would like to thank all of them for their constant support and encouragement

With the ever increasing demand on our team to perform better with every engagement, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have made it possible, The Team consisting of our  General Manager, Managers and Members of the Business, Operational and Training Units. They have been the foundation of the Organization


The future will be filled with ever increasing adversities and opportunities, with Globalisation. Our Mission is to assist individuals and organizations to embrace and capitalise in such dynamic situations

Our functions are deeply rooted in our Values and Philosophy. 

​Professionalism in our Services delivered

Responsibility to our Clients

Integrity in Business

Diligence in our daily Work

Excellence in  our Standards


Dr David Chew


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accredited By

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Our Trainers for the Tactical Medical Programs are all EX Military/Law Enforcement SOF and Elite Forces Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors. We pride ourselve in our Overseas Operational Deployment Experience that is an edge over the others while meeting Our Clients' rigours demands.


TACTICAL MEDICAL PROGRAMS are Accredited by                  

- National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)

- Committee of TECC (US)


ISO 29993:2017 Certified by GICG

CERT Training Center approved by Singapore Civil Defence Force

Singapore bizSAFE 

(Please contact  us on the authenticity of our Instructors, Accreditation and Audit by Country Coordinator for National Standards/Recognition ).

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