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Amazing 4 Size ARK Bag. Compact, Versatile, Expandable, Light Weight.


Have you ever been in a situation when you need an extra hand or extra storage? Well, you are in the right place.


Compact, Versatile, Expandable, Light Weight.

The ARK is compact & can be expanded into a pouch and a bag. This versatile design has opened the doors of creativity in usage. 

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light weight


The ARK is compact & can be The ARK can be worn on your waist belt, with the velcro cover lid option or by reversing the pouch around you can deploy the drawstring option. The pouch can be extended into a 2 litre bag. The extended ARK can become bag pack or sling bag with a rope or sling connected to the loops. ARK can also be attached to the bag via the MOLLE System . From climbing, hiking, cycling and many other activities you can rest assure that it will serve you well in all configurations.


Some Background

ARIS Response Kit (ARK) was initially designed for first responders. It is designed to be portable and compact for mission essential emergency and medical items. 


Our research and design team has been working on different concepts to meet end users' needs. We have come out with an innovative design that can be used as a daily pouch and can also be converted to a larger sling bag or into a bag pack. This will be useful in different environments and fit the needs for all!


Amazing Storage for such a small design

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Instructional video

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ARK Logo White (New).png
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