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SKEDCO 75′ 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit

  • The 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit is a miniature version of our 4:1 Rescue Kit. This Skedco 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit utilizes the Micro Hauler, a matching double pulley, 2 standard Aluminum ‘D’ carabiners, 1 screw link, the required amount of 7.5mm PMI escape rope (MBS 3,800 lbs), and a rope bag for storing the pre-rigged system. It can be attached to an anchor and ready to use in seconds. When ordering your Skedco 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit, remember that the rope length is determined by using 4 times the distance from the tripod anchors to the bottom of the hole.

    Our 3 standard kits are for 25’, 50’ and 75’ distance. The 25’ 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit is in a flat bag with belt loops. The 50’ and 75’ Kits are in round bags that measure 8” in diameter and 12” or 15” tall respectively. All 3 bags have carrying handles at the top. All Micro Hauler Kits are rigged with the pulleys at a quarter turn from each other. This will help prevent twisting of the ropes when hoisting long distance.

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