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The SK-215C-GR PJ Sked® Rescue System with Cobra Quick Release Buckles comes with:


  • SK-217C-GR PJ Sked® Stretcher
  • SK-216-CB Cordura backpack
  • SK-203 Horizontal Lift Slings (pair)
  • SK-204 Sked® Tow Strap
  • SK-205 Removable Webbing Handles
  • SK-206 Steel Locking ‘D’ Carabiner
  • SK-207 Sked® Vertical Lift Sling


Made in USA.

PJ Sked® Rescue System with Cobra® Quick Release Buckles- O.D. Green

Color: Green

    The PJ Sked is designed to do everything a standard Sked SK-200 will do. The only difference between the two is the standard Sked is 36 inches wide and the PJ Sked is 28 inches wide. This allows for an 8 inch shorter pack and it makes it much easier to go through a door with it across your ruck. Comes with Cobra® Quick Release Buckles for faster and safer patient packaging. The PJ Sked has not been tested by USAARL for hoisting, however, the Air Force PJ’s are hoisting it on a regular basis.

    All accessories for the standard Sked including flotation kit work on the PJ Sked. Reference the PJ Sked Fact Sheet for more information.

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