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  • Pad weight: three layer, 280g + 280g + 110 g/m2
  • Pad size: 10x18cm
  • Bandage wt: 80-85g/m2
  • Width of bandage: 10cm
  • Natural length: 1.5m
  • Elastic length: 4.5m
  • Double bag rolling packing, inner bag vacuum packing.

Faretec Responder Bandage

  • The Responder Bandage is available in several different sizes and with a few variations. 4in and 6in width bandages are the most common.  They include and absorbent pad that can be designed to slide or stay in place.  The pad and the pressure clip are both optional.  The bandage is also available solo, just as an ace wrap.  All the bandages are double vacuum sealed and meet NATO standards. Our newest bandage is the RESPONDER MINI.  This extrememly small bandage can slide into any pocket.  It is folded flat and include s a thinner, yet still absorbent bad, along with velcro tabs to prevent unwanted unrolling.

    4IN NSN: 6510-01-460-0849

    6IN NSN: 6510-01-492-2275

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