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Arrow® T-POD™ Device Features


  • Has been shown to reduce pubic bone separation by 60% (range 24-92%; p=0.01)2
  • May reduce transfusion requirements and length of hospital stay as compared to embolization or external pelvic fixation3,4
  • Features a unique pulley system that provides circumferential compression that can be adjusted
  • Can be applied easily and quickly5 by a single EMS professional2
  • Is compact and lightweight with a one-size-fits-all design, making it a practical option for first responders and critical care teams
  • Can be trimmed or multiple devices joined together to customize fit for most people
  • Is designed using no metallic parts and can remain in place during MRI, X-ray and CT scans
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Single-use


Dimensions: 8.2" H x 9.1" W x 0.8" D (packaged)
Weight: 12 oz

Arrow® T-POD™

  • The Arrow® T-POD™ Pelvic Stabilization Device from Teleflex provides circumferential compression to the pelvis in patients with suspected pelvic fracture for pelvic stabilization, which may reduce blood loss and pain.Pelvic ring injury is associated with a significant risk of mortality (28-50%) and requires urgent management.1 Clinical evidence indicates that pelvic stabilization devices like the Arrow® T-POD™ Device can improve pelvic fracture outcomes1. When seconds count, immediate application of a correctly applied pelvic binder in hemodynamically unstable patients can be lifesaving.

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