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ARIS pandemic MANAGEMENT team

We have a Team of Specialists that provides consultancy and Training for our clients and partners who are involved in frontline operations where they may be exposed to infectious or contagious diseases.  This includes the use of Protective Equipment , Appropriate Disinfection and proper disposal of Hazardous Waste.


Our consultants are well versed in managing infectious outbreaks in premises and we have the experience of drawing up plans for different industries from contact tracing to selecting sites for isolation and quarantine.


The Tech Detachment in our company will be able to assist in the procurement and provision of the necessary equipment in combating the spread of this virus from the correct disinfectant to Personal Protective Equipment such as Masks, Gowns and Gloves.


 Our Medical Personnel are able to train swabbers and provide swabbing services. Our swabbing services are carried out by healthcare professionals. This can be provided on and off site. 

Ambulance and Medical Personnel are readily available to assist in events.

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