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first aid

Standard First Aid (CPR/BCLS + AED) (New & RefreshER)


Standard First Aid is provided to various industries, communities and heartlanders who have keen interest in acquiring first aid skills to assist people in times of needs or manage emergency incidents. Participants will go through numerous simulated scenarios and apply their first aid skills to analyze and manage emergencies; they will learn various vital skills such as clavicle fractures immobilization of limbs using bandages and CPR techniques.


Course Duration : 3 Full Days Price : contact us for details (with SDF Funding) Please contact us for details of SDF funding * Standard First Aid certificate will be issued (Valid for 2 years for single license)

Child First Aid (New & ReFRESHER)


Child First Aid Course For Infant/Child Care Providers is a 23-hour First Aid and CPR program that covers all emergencies in children that can happen at home or at play.

Topics we cover will include :
1 Principles of First Aid;
2 Respiratory, Choking and Breathing difficulties;
3 Circulatory System and CPR Infant and Child;
4 Fits, Faints & Unconsciousness, and Head, Neck & Spine Injury;
5 Fractures & Injuries to joints,& soft tissues;
6 Wounds Bleeding and Shock Management;
7 Skin Injuries: Bites, Stings and Burns;
8 Fever, Heat and Cold Disorders;
9 Poisoning, Swallowed Objects, Chemicals, drugs, plants, coins, batteries, fish bone;
10 Mental Illnesses Common Childhood conditions Aches, Diarrhoea Vomiting, Nose Bleeding, SIDS, Shaken Baby syndrome, Fits, Fainting, Asthma respiratory problems related;

Course Duration : 3 Full Days
Price : Contact us for details (Highly Subsidized by WDA)


Course Fee : S$250 / pax (Depending on number of participants)

* Child First Aid certificate will be issued
(Valid for 2 years for single license)

Occupational First Aid + AED (New & Refresher)


Occupational First Aid Course + AED is a nationally certified course. The guidelines are set by Ministry of Manpower and National Resuscitation Council. Aris is licensed by the local Ministry of Manpower to provide this course to the industries. Critical applications such as Medical Emergency Management, Treatment of various work site injuries, CPR skills and AED applications are the main components in this course. Simulated scenarios will be studied and analyzed where potential first aiders are expected to demonstrate and manage these situations according to the course instructions. Target Audience: Hospitality, Tourism, Security, Building & Construction, Maritime, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Manufacturing Industries. 


Course Duration : 3 Full Days Price : Please contact us for details of SDF funding *Ministry of Manpower OFAC – AED certification will be issued (Valid 2 years for single license)

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