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Company Emergency  Response Team Registration Schedule



Company Emergency Response Team

• Public Premise – 9 storeys or more (including basement), or; – Gross floor area 5000 square metres or more, or; – Designed occupancy load 1000 persons or more, or; – Licensed by MOH as a hospital

• Industrial Premise – Site area or GFA 5000 square metres or more, or; – Designed occupancy load 1000 persons or more

• Petroleum & Flammable Material Premises – Stores more than 5 metric tonnes of P&FM 7 


Refresher training 
• How often do I need to attend refresher  training? – Refresher training must be conducted annually. – SCDF recommends one refresher training every quarter. Components of refresher training can be conducted in phases. – E.g. evacuation procedure in March, first aid in June, use of extinguishers and hosereels in September, in-place protection in December. 

Who can be part of CERT? 
• Anyone, as long as they are trained and briefed on their roles in CERT.

• Employees of the building owner, managing agent, tenants.

• Security guards, maintenance contractors, cleaners, dedicated CERT members.

• Offsite members are acceptable as long as performance requirement can be met, i.e. 1 minute activation and 5 minute response. 


Equipment & Training 
• It is the duty of building owner / managing agent to ensure that the CERT is properly trained and equipped. Anyone can be a CERT member (e.g. tenant, occupant, contractor).

• Training is compulsory. – WSQ courses are recommended because there is subsidy up to 95%.

• Equipment is compulsory. – Minimum 5 sets of PPE (1 SIC, 4 ERT members)

Available Courses:

1 WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes [For all premises] (1 day) $430 

2 WSQ Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings For tier 1 high risk installations & tier 2 premises] (2 days) $450

3 WSQ Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace [For tier 3 premises] (1 day) $280

4 CERT First Aid CPR & AED (1 day) $100 [Not Eligible For Any Government subsidy]

SkillsFuture For Individuals : Singaporean only (25 years old & above)

SSG Funding For Companies:

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