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Medic Training with Intravenous Therapy (LE)

Medic Training with Intravenous Therapy LE

With the increase of medical emergencies encountered by law enforcement officers or personnel working in various operational environments from the streets to rural areas both local and overseas. It is vital that they are equipped with good medical knowledge and skillsets. This would prepare them both mentally and physically for the challenges that could range from a casualty that is bleeding after an accident to a child that suffers from cardiac arrest who was found drowned in a pool.


Once honed in these life saving skills, the law enforcement medic would be more effective in their respond to most medical emergencies and have the ability to provide confident initial medical support before healthcare providers arrive at the scene.



- Law Enforcement Medical response

- Standard first aid - Basic cardiac life support / AED

- IV training for trained medics

-NAEMT/SRFAC Certifications and EMT Standards


This course is taught by well qualified medical professionals

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